April 11-18th, 2013

Festival Programme


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Printed Programmes Are Available!


The Art8 2013 programmes are now available and are being distributed to the Newquay Voice (early April) and best binary options indicators to Art8 venues, cafés, hotels and bars across the town. They will also soon be available from the TIC so pop in and pick up a copy! The posters for the festival have also arrived and will be
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Art8 Marketing Pack Now Available

A marketing pack for Art8 venues is now available if they wish to download everything they need to advertise their event either digitally or printed. Each of the files contained within best indicators for binary options these packs are available separately on our downloads page if you don’t require everything included in the pack. Four packs are available, each set up
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Art8 on BBC Radio Cornwall!

Liz and Caroline at BBC Radio Cornwall

Liz and Caroline, two of the linch pins of the Art8 team, have stepped up and braved the media spotlight for the good of Art8 2013. They took part in an interview on BBC Radio Cornwall with Tiffany Truscott this afternoon talking about the Art8 Prizes, a selection of events that are running, why the
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Download the Art8 Programme 2013 PDF

Art8 Programme Launched

The printed programme (well, electronic version of the printed programme) is now available for you to download as a PDF. It has all the same information in it as the online programme and is a PDF of the programme that will be available very shortly for you to pick up in your local shops, cafés,
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The Art8 Blog is Launched!

Read the Art8 Blog

We have now launched the Art8 Blog where you can find out even more about Art8 and what is going on during the festival. There will be best indicator for binary options event previews, artist interviews, local news and all sorts of other stuff on there so keep checking back for more! With just under a month to go it’s
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Art8 Commission Winner! ReConnect


ReConnect is a project connecting communities to their towns through visual art and movement. As part of the Art8 festival, ReConnect is coming to Newquay for a site-specific community installation. It aims to uncover the personal secrets of the community, make new generations aware of past history and help people make fresh relationships with their
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Art8 Commission Winner! ‘Owdyado Theatre Company


Flashmob noun “a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment, satire, and artistic expression” Young people from Newquay work with local theatre company ‘Owdyado Theatre to present a series of ‘Shakespeare Flashmobs’
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Art Prize Winner! Sharon Andrew


“Surf: Slowing Down”, is an artwork like no other. Exciting and immersive, visitors will be greeted with a virtual, and fully formed 3D wave and the sounds of a crashing sea. This slow moving, calming and natural form invites viewers to become participants as they become surrounded by “The Wave”. It is a fitting installation
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Art8Newquay: Really great to have your support for the festival @HotelVictoriauk @HeadlandHotel @Belushis @BlueReefT Looking forward to the 11th April!!
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Art8Newquay: Really great to have your support for out festival! @HotelVictoriauk @HeadlandHotel @Belushis @BlueReefT Looking forward to the 11th!!
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