The Art8 Team

Part of the vision of Art8 is to have community involvement at every level. As such, this festival is run entirely by volunteers from the Newquay community. It's hard work but we love it. Below, you can find out a bit more about each of us and what we do to make Art8 so awesome!

  • Lisa Shaw

    Lisa Shaw

    Lisa joined the Art8 team in 2015 as Treasurer and as an artist herself, part of the Retail Revolution group and generally a very creative person we decided she can help with more than just finances!!!

  • Graham Dawe

    Graham Dawe

    Graham designed and manages all of the online and printed materials, working alongside the marketing team. He joined Art8 for their second year and absolutely loves it.

  • Caroline Swain

    Caroline SwainSecretary

    Caroline is a founding member of Art8, has a background in theatre is passionate about all arts events. Naturally then, she heads up the administration of Art8! As well as her duties as administrator she also is heavily involved in programming, volunteer liaising and more besides.

  • David Chadwick

    David Chadwick

    David has been involved in Art8 since the first year, 2012, and helps with the grown-up side of the festival. Insurance, business plans, health & safety. His day job as Community Network Officer for Newquay allows him to help Art8 in all these aspects.

  • Tara Evans

    Tara Evans

    This is the third year that Tara has been involved with the festival, starting out as a volunteer, then as Volunteer Liaison, Tara has seen all sides of volunteering for Art8 and is now involved in all aspects of planning and delivery for the festival. Outside of Art8 Tara is an artist and book designer who is a fan of clothes, books, food, wandering along cliff tops and making things!

  • Charya Hilton

    Charya Hilton

    In 2014 Charya was part of the fundraising team, helping to gain sponsors for Art8 2014. This year Charya will be heading up the team of volunteers for the festival. Her personal creative passions are knitting and writing - she's always got something on the go. Her artistic interests spread far and wide and she embraces a 'there's no good, bad or ugly in art' attitude.

  • Marianne Wright

    Marianne Wright

    Marianne is involved in all aspects of the planning of the festival but has particular relationships with the venues on board with the festival. Marianne works alongside venues all across Newquay and artists to help deliver appropriate spaces for our artists, workshops and events.